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City Visions: The Kerner Report And Missed Opportunities For Racial Justice

In 1967, following a summer of civil unrest in cities across America, President Lyndon B. Johnson convened the Kerner Commission to look at the issues underlying these protests. The Commission's report, issued the following year, concluded that systemic racism lay at the heart of the problems and that  “Our nation is moving toward two societies, one black, one white –  separate and unequal.” Why did nothing come of the Commission's recommendations and how can we avoid repeating those mistakes today? We'll also begin the hour with an update on Covid-19 and how the Bay Area is opening up after three months in quarantine.

The Kerner Commission

Prof. Sandra Susan Smith, Former Professor and Chair of the Department of Sociology at UC Berkeley; Incoming Daniel & Florence Guggenheim Professor, Criminal Justice, Kennedy School of Government, Harvard University.


Prof. John A Powell, Professor of Law and Professor of African-American Studies, UC Berkeley and Director Othering & Belonging Institute.


Dr. Alan Curtis, President and CEO of the Eisenhower Foundation.


Covid-19 News Update


Erin Allday, Health Reporter, San Francisco Chronicle

Dr. Peter Chin-Hong, Professor, UCSF Medical School and Infectious Disease Specialist