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City Visions: Will Jerry Brown be a tough act to follow?

"A Conversation with California Governor Jerry Brown", by German Marshall Fund, used under CC license/ resized and cropped
Source: https://bit.ly/2QoM4Ok

Host Joseph Pace and guests discuss Jerry Brown's legacy as the longest serving governor of California.

What will be remembered as Brown’s biggest accomplishments and shortcomings?  Will his ambitious Delta tunnels and high-speed rail projects ever be completed?  And, what's on Gavin Newsom's agenda for 2019?


Annie Notthoff, director of California advocacy at the Natural Resources Defense Council.

- Dan Walters, author and former long-time journalist at the Sacramento Bee, now a columnist at CALmatters and the San Francisco Chronicle.

Narda Zacchino, former associate editor and Sacramento bureau chief at the Los Angeles Times, author of California Comeback: The Genius of Jerry Brown.