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Zeroing in on safe streets - does SF measure up?

July 24, 2017: 

   San Francisco ranks worst of all California counties for walking injuries related to traffic accidents. 

In 2014 the City committed to Vision Zero with the goal of eliminating traffic deaths within 10 years. Three years later how close is San Francisco to achieving that goal? What progress has been made even as traffic deaths and pedestrian and bicycle injuries continue? 

Tonight join host Joseph Pace as he speaks with advocates for pedestrian and cyclist safety about the current state of San Francisco streets. How is the City faring since Vision Zero was implemented? Does it go far enough fast enough? What are the biggest obstacles to guaranteeing safe streets for all San Franciscans?


Cathy DeLuca, Interim Director of Walk SF http://walksf.org

Dr. Rochelle Dicker, former director of the Injury Prevention Center at UCSF http://sfic.ucsf.edu

Julie Mitchell, co-founder of San Francisco Bay Area Families for Safe Streets https://www.facebook.com/SanFranciscoBayAreaFamiliesforSafeStreets/

Roger Rudick, Editor of Streetsblog San Francisco http://sf.streetsblog.org/

Other resources related to pedestrian and cyclist safety:

Vision Zero SF http://visionzerosf.org

Vision Zero Initiative http://www.visionzeroinitiative.com

The San Francisco Bicycle Coalition http://www.sfbike.org