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City Visions: Male brain, female brain

Tyron Molteni

Guest host Grace Won explores the difference between the male and female brain, and why this difference matters.  

Data is emerging about the role of hormones in brain structure and behavior, with surprising implications for our understanding of gender and disease.  Why are males more likely to have autism and schizophrenia, while females are more likely to have depression and multiple sclerosis?   What are the strengths of the "male" brain, and what are the strengths of the "female" brain?

Producer:  Wendy Holcombe


Larry Cahill, Ph.D. - Professor of Neurobiology and Behavior at the School of Biological Sciences at UC Irvine.

Nirao Shah, M.D., Ph.D. - Professor of Psychiatry and Behavioral Sciences, and of Neurobiology, at Stanford University.

Louann Brizendine, M.D. - Neuropsychiatrist and Professor Emeritus at the School of Psychiatry at UCSF.  Director the Women's Mood and Hormone Clinic at UCSF.  Author of the books The Female Brain and The Male Brain.  A movie of The Female Brain is in release now.