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City Visions: The World of Dating Apps

Courtney Carmody, Flickr Creative Commons

Maybe you're hooking up on Hinge, joining the League's interminable waiting list, or maybe you're confused by them all. Either way, a growing number of dating apps are competing for our romantic attention. So where is mobile matchmaking headed? City Visions host Joseph Pace explores the universe of dating apps – how we use them, how they shape us, and how they’re constantly evolving to meet our desires.


Jessica Nemire, dating columnist at SF Weekly: "If someone rejects you over an app, it hurts a lot less than to your face."

Patrick King, dating expert at Patrick King Consulting: "If this becomes the preeminent form of dating, you better take it seriously if you're not meeting people in any other way."

Tony Bravo, contributor to San Francisco Chronicle's "Connectivity" column: "We're compartmentalizing people as the online profiles they have."

Lauren, everyday user of many popular dating apps: "Everyone's very busy and it's much easier to just message somebody."

Producer: Sarah Stodder