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Who's a Feminist?


More than 160 years since Sojourner Truth asked, "Ain’t I a Woman?", 30 after Geraldine Ferraro's vice-presidential run, and 23 years after Anita Hill testified to Congress about sexual harassment, women are still dealing with violence and social, political, and economic inequality.

How are powerful female pop icons, such as Beyoncé and Janet Mock, changing the way women talk about strength, community, and sexuality?

Who are the next generation of political and professional leaders an dhow are they reshaping feminism?


Andreana Clay: Associate Professor in the Departments of Sociology and Sexuality Studies at San Francisco State University; author of The Hip-Hop Generation Fights Back: Youth Activism and Post-Civil Rights Politics

Dani McClain: Journalist and a fellow of The Nation Institute who covers gender, sexuality, and reproductive health.

Producer: Lisa Denenmark

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Follow her on Twitter at @drmcclain