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How to Reduce the Carbon Footprint of Pets

The amount of dog waste generated in North America each day is the equivalent to the size of 153 blue whales, or 55,845 blue whales a year, according to the recent Canadian film "Dog Dazed."  On the next City Visions, host Joseph Pace will examine the innovative uses of this dog waste, the critically important but lesser known reasons to keep cats indoors, the perils of pet obesity and more.  What do you need to do be a more environmentally aware pet owner?  

Our panel of guests will include:

Holly Tse:  A writer about green issues for Catster.com, Holly is the author of Make Your Own Cat Toys and is the creator of GreenLittleCat.com, a blog dedicated exclusively to greener living ideas for cats and cat lovers.

Helen Slinger:  Named one of British Columbia's 100 Most Influential Women, Helen has been a reporter for newspapers and television.  She now focuses primarily on documentaries for Bountiful Films in Vancouver.  Her most recent film on the Canadian Broadcast Corporation is called "Dog Dazed," which was partly filmed in the Bay Area.

Mark Klaiman:  Mark is the owner and founder of San Francisco's "Pet Camp,"  the first pet lodging facility in the country to be a certified Green Business by the City and County of San Francisco. 

John Harte: John is a Professor in the Energy and Resources Group and the Ecosystem Sciences Divisions of the College of Natural Resources at the University of California at Berkeley.