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State of the Bay

Urban Etiquette

Duane Hoffman/msnbc.com


Living with 4.5 million people in the metropolitan

Bay Area means accepting some fundamental social premises and following a few rules.But what are they, and who makes them?

What’s the difference between infringing on rights, racism, and just plain annoying behavior?

What about using cell phones in public restrooms and on BART? When doesn't 10 items or less mean 10 items or less?

And how do you break up with your hair stylist? Discussing this with host Joseph Pace are:

  • Charles Purdy, author of the manners guidebook “Urban Etiquette” and former etiquette-advice columnist for SF Weekly
  • Sandhya Jha, Director of Oakland Peace Center, diversity trainer, and co-pastor of First Christian Church of Oakland
  • Daniel Post Senning, great-great-grandson of Emily Post, co-author “Emily Post's Etiquette,” author “Manners in a Digital World ­­Living Well Online”
  • Mary Gilly, professor of marketing at UC Irvine, co-author of the study, Dibs! Customer Territorial Behaviors
Road rage

Please join the conversation tonight at 7 by calling (415) 841-4134, hopefully from a private or quiet public space. Or post your comments here anytime. Thank you.

Producer: Lisa Denenmark

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