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Radio Poets 2019 - Isabela Castro, "Being Short"

Isabela Castro is a student at E R Taylor Elementary School in San Francisco

You can hear Isabela Castro read her poem broadcast on 91.7 KALW Today, Wednesday April 17 at 11:58 this morning at 5:57 this afternoon.

  Being Short

By: Isabella Castro

School: ER Taylor


Being short doesn't affect me.

When I’m at my house there's nothing I can't reach.

I have someone to always help me,

being short doesn't affect me!


Being short doesn't affect me.

If there's thing below you can’t reach

I  can always take a much shorter bridge…

I know at some point I will grow,

but for now, being short is what I know.


Sometimes I wish I was taller.

But i'm fine, just a little smaller.

I’m happy with the size of my height.

I still get to see the crows,

flying high in the skies.