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Radio Poets 2015: Fatimah Abdolcader

AmericaSCORES Bay Area

  A Rainy Day

  Fatima Abdolcader, ER Taylor


A rainy day, 

no time to lay. 

Get out there and enjoy it! 

Before you know it, even though you think I’m thinking it, 

there is. . . 

Not a rainbow. 


It’s ok, 

just jump in the puddles all day. 

Splish splash 

that’s how you made a mash. 

Stick your tongue out, 

lick a snowflake, 

like a whole cake. 

Wait, do you see that?, 

It’s a dream come true!


Your friend came out and played with you, 

even though she is shy and new.

She brought an umbrella along with her too. 


But I could not believe it would occur. 

Oh my gosh, it’s something wonderful, 

and my friend gets to notice it a bit. 


It’s a rainbow! 

You slide on it until the unicorns come. 

When the unicorns come, 

its like you get a pot of gold. 

So don’t mold. 

Feel the breeze. 

Let your imagination blow. 

Make it just go with the flow. 

That’s why I love the rain.