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Body Image Activist Virgie Tovar Says We’re Still Sending The Wrong Message To Girls

Courtesy of Virgie Tovar

For many teens, body image is a big issue. It’s not a new one, but every generation faces new challenges. At one time, it was getting messages about body image from TV, movies or magazines. For today’s teenage girls, social media and the internet dominate the message of what it means to be pretty, and what size is ‘cute’.

At the same time, the internet era has seen seemingly healthy slogans like ‘you be you,’ along with self-confidence and wellness movements. But Virgie Tovar says, it’s still problematic, especially for teenage girls of color.

Tovar is a renowned body image activist and author and a Latina. Her new book is "The Self-Love Revolution: Radical Body Positivity for Girls of Color."

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