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Enon Gaines on making music with hip-hop lyrics and a punk rock attitude

In this edition of Bay Area Beats, Enon talks about the rush and raw energy in combining hip-hop and punk.

"My lyrics can be a bit abstract. That's the beauty of it ... As far as the punk goes I think that comes from the attitude. It's rachet and wild. It's a collision of these two energies or art forms."

After winning a music competition in 2015, Oakland hip-hop artist Enon Gaines wanted to create a band that could match his energy. He met with musicians with different musical backgrounds and founded the group Unlikely Heroes. They mix hip-hop bars with punk melodies and riffs. 

Unlikely Heroes is playing at the Ivy Room next Thursday, July 25.

Porfirio Rangel was a fellow in the Audio Academy class of 2019.