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Ep. 4 - An unrivaled team and the fans they're leaving behind

Lena Joy
Lloyd Canamore has at least two, if not four, championship rings on at all times.

In this episode of Bounce, the Golden State Warriors are rounding into playoff form. They won the first two games against their rivals, the Houston Rockets, which brings up the question of whether it's a viable rivalry at all. 

Meanwhile, construction continues at Chase Center in San Francisco, because win or lose, the team is leaving Oakland. Which means they're leaving fans like Lloyd Canamore behind.

If you’re a commuter in West Oakland, you’ve probably driven by Lloyd’s house right off San Pablo Ave next to a 580 on-ramp. You can't miss it. Painted blue with gold trim, Golden State Warriors flags draped over the porch, and even a picture of Stephen Curry and his family framed in the window — Lloyd’s house is the unofficial Warriors house of Oakland.

"We belong in Oakland. I hate they're going to San Francisco. It hurt me so bad. I'm not gonna go not one time to watch the game in Frisco."

Crosscurrents BOUNCE: The Warriors' Last Season in Oakland
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