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Why most electric cars will lose carpool lane rights

Eli Wirtschafter
Green and white Clean Air Vehicle decals will expire next year.

On January 1, over 200,000 drivers of electric and plug-in vehicles will lose the right to take the fast lane solo. It’s an effort to speed up carpool lanes that misses the real culprit: cheaters.

"If you could eliminate the cars that are using the lane illegally, that would make a much bigger difference than phasing out some electric cars."

KALW’s Hana Baba spoke to transportation reporter Eli Wirtschafter.

Is your car eligible to get a new red sticker? Find out the details here.

Crosscurrents Transportation
Eli is the Program Director for KALW's project in state prisons. We teach incarcerated people how to record and edit audio stories, and air them as part of the series Uncuffed.