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Fauxnique and Marc Kate combine horror, sound, dance, and drag

Monique Jenkinson & Marc Kate

Under her drag queen alter ego Fauxnique, performing artist Monique Jenkinson has connected art and entertainment for over a decade as a fixture on the San Francisco experimental performance scene.
Fauxnique’s latest production Girl is a collaboration with her longtime partner, electronic music composer Marc Kate. Inspired by Horror film concepts, Girl combines elements of theatre, dance, music, and drag to speak to the feminine in everyone and ask the question: “Who is the girl in you?”

"I can be a drag queen and be a ballerina and no one cares if I'm good, no one cares if my thighs are too big . . . so being a drag queen actually gives you all this power to kind of embody anything you want."

Fauxnique and Marc came to KALW to talk about their new show and explain why it took so long for them to finally collaborate.

Fauxnique and Marc Kate perform in Girl this weekend at the Joe Goode Annex in San Francisco.

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