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Spoon Jackson keeps writing poetry after 41 years in prison

Steve Drown and JulianGlenn Padgett
Poet Spoon Jackson at the radio lab in Solano State Prison

From the series Uncuffed:

Poet Spoon Jackson has won awards from PEN America, provided lyrics for Ani DiFranco, and collaborated with Swedish composer Stefan Säfsten — all while serving time. Now, Spoon is a producer for Uncuffed, KALW’s new series created by men at Solano State Prison.Spoon has spent 41 years in custody. He is serving life sentence without the opportunity to parole.

Two different producers for Uncuffed decided to interview Spoon, and created audio pieces featuring his voice and his poetry. We aired a condensed version of the two interviews on Crosscurrents, which you can listen to above.

Hear unedited versions of their interviews below:

Eight decades in prison

When you add their time together, Spoon Jackson and Steve Drown have spent more than eight decades in various state prisons. Steve asked Spoon about his writing, and his observations on doing time in California.


On hope

Joe Kirk, a relative newcomer to the penal system, asked Spoon where he finds inspiration, and whether he ever loses hope.


Learn more about the producers behind Uncuffed.

Our radio training program at Solano State Prison is supported by the California Arts Council, with funding from the Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation. All content is approved by an information officer.

Crosscurrents From The Producers Of Uncuffedpoetry