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Cannabis News Roundup: Is everything a hybrid now?

By Pixabay user noexcuseradio. Licensed under Creative Commons CC0/cropped.
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Hawaii’s plan for cannabis banking ... Kidnapped dispensary worker still missing ... Senator’s punny medical bill announcement ... Teen pot use continues to drop ... and more.

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LEGISLATION & REGULATION                                   

Federal budget extension also preserves cannabis rules // NORML

“While this seems mundane (it is), it is important for marijuana policy because it guarantees a temporary extension of the Rohrabacher-Blumenauer protections for lawful medical marijuana programs from Attorney General Jeff Sessions.”

Senator’s medical marijuana bill: Very punny // hatch.senate.gov

Utah Senator Orrin Hatch introduced a medical marijuana research bill this week. “I have high hopes,” he says, “that this bipartisan initiative can be a kumbaya moment.” Click on the headline to read the provisions — and more puns.

No new dispensaries in San Francisco, at least for now // SFGate

“The moratorium could start as early as Sept. 22. The sale of recreational marijuana will become legal on Jan. 1.”

Redwood City needs input for local laws // NBC Bay Area

The Bay Area town of Redwood City is requesting input on recreational marijuana use within the city limits.

Residents have until 11:59 tonight (9/15) “to provide their input in a community survey while the city reviews how its current local restrictions on marijuana use will be impacted by Proposition 64, the statewide marijuana legalization act.”

Hawaii attacks banking problem with cashless system // ICBC

“Governor [David] Ige announced a plan for the first state-authorized financial institution which allow cannabis businesses to operate without cash and access electronic financial services which are normal to every other industry in the United States.

“One of the most pressing and difficult issues for cannabis operators across the country has been dealing with continuously closing bank accounts, due to the discomfort financial institutions feel under FDIC oversight and federal money-laundering laws.”


Raids in Emerald Triangle up over last year // pressreader.com

For those who think marijuana is virtually legal, even before Prop. 64 goes into effect in January, consider this news from Mendocino: There were 62 raids of pot grow sites last year at this time. This year there have already been 74. The sheriff says Prop. 64 has made “way more gray areas.”

Smoke in the car, get a ticket // L.A.Times

“The new law bans actually smoking marijuana or consuming cannabis edibles while driving or riding in a vehicle. It is similar to open container laws that prohibit drinking while driving.”

Dispensary employee abducted at gunpoint // SFChronicle

The man was eating lunch in his car when a customer who had been refused service approached, shot out his side window, and then drove off in the car, with the employee still inside.

Suspects have been identified in the kidnapping, and his wallet has been found, but the man is still missing.


Castro café ventures into cannabis cocktails // greenstate.com

“Despite the passing of Proposition 64, the initiative that legalized recreational cannabis, the use in cocktails served at bars has remained prohibited—a fact that’s remained true even in states where marijuana has been recreationally legal for years. The drinks exist in a tricky legal grey zone.”  Getting people to pay $18 for them may be equally tricky.


Teen use drops, again // NORML

“The 2016 National Survey on Drug Use and Health report finds that 6.5 percent of respondents between the ages of 12 and 17 report having consumed cannabis within the past 30 days – a decrease of 21 percent since 2002 and the lowest percentage reported by the survey in 20 years. Adolescents’ use of alcohol and tobacco also declined significantly during this same period.”


Have hybrids made “indica” and “sativa” obsolete? // TheCannifornian.com

“As anyone with even a working knowledge of marijuana will tell you, sativas have uplifting effects, and indicas promote full-body relaxation.

“But is that actually true?”

A guide to getting the best product // greenstate.com

You may know the difference between a wine cooler and a Bloody Mary, but perhaps you’ve never been in a cannabis dispensary. Even if you have, you may not know how it all works. Click on this helpful guide for some solid information.

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