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The Specialist: Snap Judgment

Photo by Casey Miner
Snap Judgment's Mark Ristich

Every time we go out and interview people for our show, all kinds of specialists, they’re curious about what we do. They hear some back episodes, take a look at the recording gear, and say 'wow, your job is so interesting.'

You write us too – you want to know what’s involved in making the show, how we make decisions, how much recording we do and how what you hear is edited. So today, for our final episode of the season, we’re pulling back the curtain on a big show to show you exactly how that happens. Yep, we're doing a podcast about a podcast.

MARK RISTICH: I do get caught in a loop like an editing loop. I just want to sit there and you know and edit edit edit, you know friends and family are like 'Hey, you want to do something?' And I'm like, 'No. I don't. I just want do Snap Judgment.'

This is the season finale of the KALW podcast The Specialist, hosted by Casey Miner.



Credit Photo by Smeeta Mahanti

In the spirit of stories about what goes on behind the scenes, and times when things didn’t go as planned,

here's a bonus story from The Specialist, featuring Snap Judgment’s Glynn Washington — before he was a name or a voice you knew.

GLYNN WASHINGTON: I didn't think you were supposed to like your job. I don't think my parents like their jobs.

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