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Cannabis News Roundup: Murder for hire leads to marijuana charge

By Pixabay user audreysteenhaut. Licensed under Creative Commons CC0/cropped.

Murder for hire leads to marijuana charge ... Update on CBD classification ... Mexico importing medical cannabis from California ... Better golfing through cannabis ... and more.


Update: CBD use not illegal in California // Press Democrat

Recent reports about the Drug Enforcement Administration reclassifying the cannabis extract CBD as a Schedule 1 drug have been overstated.

“What the DEA did is give marijuana extract a unique drug code so it can be tracked separately from marijuana plants and other marijuana-derived materials.

“There’s essentially no change for CBD users in California, where state law allows people to use marijuana products.”

Illegal grow operation found in murder-for-hire arrest // SFGate.com

“Detectives later discovered that [the victim and the woman charged with arranging his murder] had been business associates in the illegal pot trade, and had some sort of falling out.   ...

“Investigators raided the woman’s San Leandro home and discovered ‘a sophisticated and illegal marijuana grow’ operation’.”

Emergency moratorium extended in Napa County // Napa Valley Register

“The action was approved, council members said, so City Hall has more time to fully study how best to limit recreational marijuana, and to see if other leaders in the Napa Valley want to sit down and talk about working together on this matter.” A short-term ban was set to expire at the end of December.

Dispensary runs afoul of state health code // Press Enterprise

The Riverside, CA, business “violates the state’s Health and Safety Code, which prohibits dispensaries within 600 feet of a school.” The business, which is across the street from a high school, “was the scene of an armed robbery in late November during which thieves stole up to $175,000 in cash and other items.”


What 2017 may hold for California cannabis // L.A. Weekly

"Let's just understand that 2017 is sort of a transitional year between an unregulated system and moving toward licensure on the state level, which will happen in 2018 at some time." 


Mexico importing medical grade cannabis from U.S.// L.A. Weekly

“The California-based company's partnership with Mexico — an ally of particular interest thanks to cultural and historical ties that date back centuries — was solidified [in 2016] when Cofepris, the Mexican health department, approved the country’s first permit allowing the import of hemp-based CBD oil across its border.”


Improve your golf score with pot // The Cannifornian

“I’ve had my best rounds – in the low 70s a few times, even – when I was relaxed and loose,” [says one golfer]. “At a different altitude, you might say.”


Legal pot not as appealing to some teens // The Leaf Online

“Every time a state considers rolling back marijuana prohibition, opponents predict it will result in more teen use. Yet the data seems to tell a very different story,” summarized Mason Tvert, director of communications for the Marijuana Policy Project. “There has been a sea change in state marijuana laws over the past six years and teen usage rates have remained stable and even gone down in some cases.” [Editor’s note: See related story below.]

Teen use of pot up, and down, in legal states // The Cannfornian

“There is growing concern that legalization for adults will lead to greater use among youth. Young people are at greatest risk of adverse effects, especially if they begin use in their teens and use daily throughout young adult life.” Yet this admittedly inconclusive study from UC-Davis fails to show clear patterns.

Today’s lesson: What is THC? // Healthy Hemp Oil

If you have questions, here are some answers.

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