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ELECTION BRIEFS: SF Prop B - Tax dollars to CCSF

"Day 36/366.....I Voted," by Flickr user Denise Cross Photography. Used under CC BY 2.0. Cropped and overlaid with text.

Proposition B would provide tax dollars to support City College of San Francisco until 2031.

It's no secret that the community college district has been through a lot recently: First a loss of major state funding, then the threat of losing its accreditation.  Enrollment dropped from 100,000 to 60,000 and staff salaries fell way below other districts.

San Francisco property owners already support City College. They pay a $79 parcel tax. Prop B would make that $99. The current tax will last another five years. Prop B would make that 15.

The parcel tax will help fund general operating expenses on City College’s nine campuses. Among other things, faculty will get a postponed salary increase, and students will get revitalized math and science classes. Prop B would also upgrade technology and improve library and counseling services.

But sorry, administrators — this bill prohibits any of the funds to go to administrative salaries, benefits, or pensions.

Many local organizations and editorial boards support Prop B. The Examiner, Chronicle, and Bay Guardian along with dozens of labor unions endorse a "yes" vote. And while there is no official opposition to the measure, the Libertarian Party, the Chamber of Commerce and the Building Owners and Managers Association of San Francisco are calling for a "no" vote. For Prop B to pass, it needs two thirds of the voters to say "yes."

So, to recap, voting "yes" on Prop B means you support a parcel tax of $99 a year for the next 15 years to fund City College of San Francisco. Voting "no" means you want the current parcel tax to phase out.

Citizen respondents to KALW's elections call-out contributed to this post. Our call-outs are part of our community reporting project.