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Cannabis News Roundup: Pot helps Parkinson's patients

Torben Hansen. Used under CC BY / Cropped (Modifications allowed)
Marijuana joint

Fear of “drugged driving” if Prop. 64 passes ... San Jose changes the rules ... Cannabis helps Parkinson’s patients ... Ancient cannabis shroud discovered in grave ... Voter guide ...  and more.


Growers in Calaveras County fear robberies after addresses published // abc10.com

“Cannabis growers in Calaveras County feel like they have a target on their back. The county planning department released all the names and addresses of growers who applied for a growing permit.”

County officials say “the only way to stop the release of these names is to petition through the state.”

Pew Research: traffic fatalities hold steady in legal states // The Leaf Online

Tax revenues are up, numbers of teen smokers stay flat, and traffic fatalities remain steady in states with legal marijuana, according to this national report. [Editor: See next story.]


California “ill prepared” for expected increase in drugged driving // L.A. Times

“As Californians prepare to vote next month on Proposition 64, which would allow recreational use of marijuana, many law enforcement leaders and prosecutors warn that the state is ill-prepared to handle an expected significant increase in people driving under the influence of pot.”


East Bay Express grades the candidates // East Bay Express

“For folks hoping to end the drug war, there’s ample opportunity up and down the ballot to express the will of the people.”

Prop 64 marketing of legal cannabis seen as lax // S.F. Chronicle

Critics “say Proposition 64’s lax rules on marketing, and the inevitable competition for customers, can only drive more drug use — yielding a bigger windfall for the state under its 15 percent pot tax, but also more damaging side effects.”

RAND Corp. researcher quizzed on Prop 64 // L. A. Times

“So much of this comes down to your personal values and your preferences for risk,” [Beau Kilmer] said. “Some people are opposed to intoxication, others are opposed to the government telling them what they can put in their bodies. Some people are so frustrated at the Drug War that they will vote to chip away at it.”

Emergency ordinance likely to ban outdoor grows // Paloaltoonline.com

“If approved in Palo Alto, the emergency ordinance would maintain status quo in regard to outdoor marijuana cultivation, even if the legal landscape shifts across the state.”


San Jose Council loosens regulations on medical dispensaries // NBC Bay Area

Changes include home deliveries and cultivation.

Idealists pushed aside by entrepreneurs // abcnews.go.com

Social justice advocates may have laid the foundation for legal marijuana, but business investors are increasingly overshadowing them.


Inhaling cannabis helps with Parkinson’s disease // NORML

“Researchers reported that cannabis inhalation was associated with improved symptoms 30-minutes following exposure. ‘Cannabis improved motor scores and pain symptoms in PD patients,’ authors concluded.”


Archeologists find ancient cannabis shroud // phys.org

“A team of archaeologists … working in a northwestern part of China has unearthed the skeleton of a man who died between 2,500 and 2,800 years ago and was covered with a cannabis shroud when he was buried.”

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