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Cannabis News Roundup: Stanford working on roadside pot tester

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“Ganja” by Kento";s:

“Potalyzer” research at Stanford ... Prices collapse in Colorado ... Sex trafficking in Emerald Triangle ... Prop. 64 explained ... Opinion, history, and more. 


Cities should start planning for legal grow sites // L.A. Weekly

California NORML says it's encouraging cities to start their approval processes ahead of the state's 2018 issuance of permits since businesses will need local permission before they seek the state's blessing.”

What to expect if Prop. 64 passes // KQED News

A breakdown of what will, and won’t, change if recreational cannabis is approved in California.


Why DUI rules shouldn’t apply to marijuana // NPR.org

Colorado policy shows how DUI traffic stops are probably not accurate when measuring THC impairment. So what should replace them? [Editor’s note: see next story link.]

Stanford engineers working on “potalyzer”//Stanford.edu

Stanford researchers are “applying magnetic nanotechnology, previously used as a cancer screen, to create what could be the first practical roadside test for marijuana intoxication.”


Poll shows strong support for Prop. 64 // Capradio.org

But will people who express support actually vote?


Pot prices plummet in Colorado // MSN.com

Wholesale prices have dropped almost 50 percent in less than a year, due to over supply.

Sex trafficking in the Emerald Triangle // Reveal

“The demand for female companionship has contributed to sex trafficking in these rural areas from all over the country and world, including from Mexico and Eastern Europe, according to social service providers and victims,” says this exhaustive article.


Four positive reasons for cannabis legalization // Alternet

“Both the Republican and Democrat parties have recognized the value of cannabis, at least medically, however there is bigger picture. Legalizing cannabis could be the solution to America’s social, economic, and even some foreign problems.”


Mexico started “reefer madness” // backstoryradio.com

[Audio] Marijuana scare stories appeared in Mexican newspapers years before the concern moved north of the border. Mexico also outlawed pot 17 years before the U.S. [Editor’s note: The first 14-minute segment of this program is about marijuana.]


What about the children? A tale of two families // KALW

Oregon and Arizona mothers talk about their opposing viewpoints.

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