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Cannabis News Roundup: Marijuana as an alternative to opiates?

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“Marijuana Chihuahua Dog” by Chris Yarzab";s:

No guns for marijuana users ... Weedmaps’ tainted reviews ... Cannabis: an alternative to opiates? ... Cannabis goes to the fair ... Opinion ... and more.


Review of recent California cannabis legislation // East Bay Express

“California lawmakers' first legislative session since passing last year's historic medical-pot regulations wraps up this week. And, for the most part, they did good work when it comes to marijuana.”


No guns for “irrational” marijuana users // ABC News

“The [9th Circuit] court ... said Congress had reasonably concluded that marijuana and other drug use ‘raises the risk of irrational or unpredictable behavior with which gun use should not be associated’."


Four opinion-makers walk into a radio studio // KALW Radio

What can we learn from Washington, Alaska, Oregon and Colorado? Who will reap the benefits of legalization? What are the downsides? 

Five experts walk into a radio studio // KQED Radio

It’s the day after the election, and recreational marijuana is legal. Now what?

Recreational marijuana: where our elected officials stand // SacBee

Gavin Newsom, California’s lieutenant governor and prominent supporter of Prop. 64, has asked statewide elected officials to declare their positions on legalizing cannabis in the state. See some of those stances here.


Tainted reviews” uncovered at Weedmaps // L.A. Times via marijuananews.com

“The LA Times article alleges that ‘a key feature [of Weedmaps] — user reviews of pot businesses — may be tainted by thousands of potentially fraudulent comments’.”

Weedmaps is “a multi-million dollar marijuana directory service which helps marijuana consumers find marijuana.”

Cannabis appellations coming to Anderson Valley? // Press Democrat

“The idea is to call out regional influences — known in the wine world as terroir — including the amount of sun and water plants get, soils and farming innovation passed from generation to generation dating back to the 1960s.”


Cannabis considered as safer alternative to opiates // L.A. Weekly

“As doctors, law enforcement and policy makers scramble to slow the spread of addiction, marijuana continues to show great promise in the treatment of acute and chronic pain, issues that are currently treated primarily via opiates.”


Chris Conrad to sign books and answer questions // SFPL

“Bring your questions about cannabis, cultivation, current laws, processing, the Prop 64 initiative, and business prospects” to the San Francisco Main Library at Civic Center on September 6. Chris Conrad, co-author of The Newbies Guide to Cannabis & the Industry, will try to answer them. He’ll also sign copies of the new book, which will be available for purchase.  

NORML to discuss Prop. 64 // NORML.com

“Potential legislative fixes to Prop. 65 (AUMA)” is the topic for next Thursday’s membership meeting of Cal NORML in Oakland. 


Cannabis: the ultimate cash crop // SacBee

 The state will get taxes if Prop. 64 passes, but dispensaries will still have an all-cash business. Could that change with California legalization?

Is Santa Rosa’s pro-cannabis move wise?// Press Democrat

“[W]ho in the world made the decision that Santa Rosa wanted to become the new Amsterdam?

Let’s give legalization a try // SF Weekly

“A few things are known about marijuana: It doesn’t cause fatal overdoses. It has never caused problems comparable to efforts to prohibit it, and it may have important medical uses. That’s not a bad beginning for a big social experiment, but it’s important to remember that it is an experiment.”


No couch potatoes at “420 Games” // SFGate

“Your brain is a house, and it puts a new room in your mind to sort things out.” That’s how one participant in last weekend’s “420 Games” explained his use of cannabis to overcome fatigue when exercising.”


Cannabis joins prize pies at state fair // NPR

"’It was this year that the state Legislature designated cannabis as a farm crop. And the general public should know what it's all about’," says Don Morse, the head of the Oregon Cannabis Business Council. No less an authority than author/activist Ed Rosenthal was enlisted as a judge.

Photographic survey of Emerald Triangle destruction //Capitallandmain.com

We’ve seen similar ones before, but these photos again remind us of the recklessness of rogue pot growers. (There’s a long article here, too.)

KALW marks diamond anniversary // KALW

KALW became the first FM station in San Francisco, and the West, on September 1, 1941. Want to send them/us a birthday gift? Here’s the link.

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