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The Specialist: Cane Trainer

Photo by Casey Miner, Resized and Cropped
Orientation & Mobility Specialist Katt Jones and her student, Marco Salsiccia.

Imagine that one day you lost your sight. Just like that. If you're a person who can see, close your eyes and try to walk to your kitchen, or the bathroom. No cheating! If you're a person who's already blind, or has low vision, you know what this is like. 

Getting around independently as a blind person means learning a specialized set of skills, and new ways to use your senses. Producer Casey Miner tells us more in this episode of her podcast The Specialist. 

KATT JONES: Sometimes, I'll have random pedestrians run up and be like 'Stop! You're about to touch a car!' or 'There's a table here!' And they're freaking out, and I'm like 'Don't worry, chill.'

Click the audio player above to listen to the complete interview. 

This piece was sound designed and mixed by Seth Samuel. Find out how to subscribe to The Specialist podcast here.