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Cannabis News Roundup: What you need to work in the cannabis industry

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“Reverse fire sales” in Calaveras County ... New Berkeley dispensaries likely ... Want a job in the cannabis industry? ... and more.


Marijuana tax would aide L.A. homeless // The Weed Blog

“The Los Angeles Board of Supervisors voted to approve a ballot measure that would funnel medical marijuana tax proceeds to combat the epidemic of homelessness in the area. Recently, there has been a 12% increase in homelessness around the area, and the proposed tax would allow Los Angeles to undergo a nearly $2 billion housing project.”


Humbolt introduces “track and trace” pilot program // Los Coast Outpost

This could be a model for other government agencies to keep track of cannabis movement “within and between local licensees from harvest to consumer sale.”


Hope of Prop. 64 passage causing “reverse fire sales” // ChicoER

Burnt-over property in Calaveras County is selling at a premium “in part because marijuana entrepreneurs figure pot will be completely legal in California after the fall vote and in part because growers find burned-over properties far easier to farm than wooded ones that need clearing.”

Libertarian supports Prop. 64 // Sacramento Bee

“Whether you agree with marijuana legalization or not, you have friends, family, coworkers that use marijuana,” Gary Johnson, Libertarian presidential candidate and former New Mexico governor, said outside the Republican convention.

No medical cannabis in Republican platform // The Weed Blog

One “delegate added to the debate that people who commit mass murders are ‘young boys from divorced families, and they’re all smoking pot’.” 


More dispensaries coming to Berkeley? // Berkeleyside

“On July 12, the council voted to increase the number of permitted dispensaries in Berkeley from four to six. ... There will be a second reading of the ordinance, as required by law ... At the same meeting the council will consider a measure to select another two dispensaries.”

Here’s what it takes to work in the cannabis industry // OC Register

Click on a job and learn what’s what.


Most medical marijuana patients use it for chronic pain // MJBizDaily

A combined 64.2% of patients in Arizona, Colorado, Minnesota, Montana, Nevada, New Jersey, New Mexico and Oregon – the only states that publicly release patient counts by condition – list chronic/severe pain as a reason for using medical cannabis, according to an analysis of publicly available data.”


KALW’s 75th Anniversary concert // KALW

Granted, this evening of music with Kronos Quartet and Bruce Cockburn has no direct relation to cannabis, but you wouldn’t be reading this without KALW’s support of local news and information.

Celebrate the station’s 75 years of broadcasting on August 4 at the Nourse Theater in San Francisco.

Happy Birthday, Carlos // Civilized.life.com

Master guitarist Carlos Santana had a birthday this week. Here are some of his thoughts on marijuana.

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