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The View From Here: Autism grows up

Andrew Nixon/Capital Public Radio
Roland Ricketts was diagnosed with autism as a toddler. He lives with his parents, whose approach to their son's autism was once controversial. They taught him to modify his self-stimulating behavior to become a functioning member of society.

Twenty years after a sharp rise in autism rates, thousands of California children are aging out of special education. Each one enters adulthood with a unique combination of social deficits that promises a challenging life, even with support.

In this special hour-long presentation from Capital Public Radio we hear what happens when autism grows up. The View From Here is a production of Capital Public Radio in Sacramento. Photos, videos and complete transcripts of this program are available at their website.

Autism Grows Up was reported by Ben Adler, Julia Mitric and Pauline Bartolone with Multimedia Producer Andrew Nixon. Catherine Stifter and Paul Conley produced this episode. Executive Producer of The View From Here is Joe Barr. Senior Editor is Alan Ray. Host was Beth Ruyak.


Credit Andrew Nixon/Capital Public Radio
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