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Cannabis News Roundup: Toke up at the gym?

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“Marijuana” by Guilhem Vellut (cropped)";s:

Why the Teamsters oppose AUMA … Pot friendly gym planned for  San Francisco … When Bernie dumped Tommy … Opinion … Health … and more.


BMMR chief visits the Emerald Triangle // North Coast Journal

“ [T]he overwhelming attitude at the meeting wasn't about patients. It was about protecting Humboldt County growers' business interests.”

Chart shows big drop in trafficking in legal states // Marijuana.com

“Newly compiled data from the federal government shows that in the years since states started legalizing marijuana, illegal trafficking in the drug has dropped sharply.”


Ignore anti-legalization groups at your peril // Portland Mercury

Groups such as the Coalition for Responsible Drug Policies (CRDP) in Sacramento are working to stop marijuana legalization. Here’s why.

Teamsters contribute to CRDP //Stopthedrugwar.org

“The Teamsters' concerns appear to be less with legalization itself than with the initiative's vision of legal marijuana distribution. The Teamsters want distribution to follow the alcohol distribution model, which would benefit its membership.”

When Bernie dumped Tommy // Hollywood Reporter

"Tommy Chong is in disbelief after he was disinvited by the Bernie Sanders campaign from introducing the presidential hopeful hours before a rally in East Los Angeles."


Toke up at the gym? // ca.finance.yahoo.com

Jim McAlpine, founder of the 420 Games, plans to open a pot-friendly gym in San Francisco as another way to show that marijuana users aren’t all couch potatoes.

Now you too can be a cannabis entrepreneur // MJBizDaily

New rules approved by the Securities and Exchange Commission this week  “permit individuals to put $2,000 or more per year … into a small company in exchange for a stake in the business."

As always, “You have to get professional help if you don’t have experience with something like this,” says an advisor. “You have to do it right. You can’t just log on and say I’m raising money.”


Elders are fast growing segment of medical cannabis use// CBS News

“Seniors account for only 14 percent of the nation's population, but they use more than 30 percent of all prescription drugs including some highly-addictive painkillers. So pot is fast becoming a pill alternative. Marijuana use is up 53 percent with the 55-and-over crowd.”

Oakland's Harborside Health Center is prominently featured in this report. 

Republican Congressman treats arthritis with canna-wax // Orange County Register

“I put it on my arm, and I sleep through the whole night,” says Representative Dana Rohrabacher.

Pro footballer: NFL should approve cannabis // NPR.org

“Medical marijuana is a safer drug than the opioids,” says offensive tackle Eugene Monroe of the Baltimore Ravens, and many fellow players agree.


Why Mikki Norris supports AUMA // theLeafonline.com

AUMA is good for cannabis users as it gives adults legal standing in society and consumer protections. I welcome labeling and dosing requirements on my edibles, so I will know how much to eat at night to help me sleep and not have to guess at the dose,” says the longtime advocate.

Why Roger Morgan opposes AUMA //Dailycal.org

“Marijuana is not medicine, and 98 percent of the patients aren’t suffering from serious illness. They just want to get high or are in it for the money,” says the founder of Take Back America, a non-profit created to prevent and/or defer the onset of alcohol, tobacco and drug use.


Know your terpenes // Sacramento News & Review

THC and CBD get all the attention, but terpenes provide “the flavor and feels,” which “are way more important.”


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