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Cannabis News Roundup: Oakland dominates the news

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Cannabis Sativa, by Manuel (cropped)

New state agency wants input … Calaveras officials and public clash over Green Rush … Pot prices plummet with legalization … and more


Oakland’s big fat cannabis week // East Bay Express

David Downs summarizes events ranging from Oakland’s new dispensary rules to the Justice Department dropping its suit against Harborside Heath Center.

Stakeholders invited to comment on marijuana regulation // California Bureau of Medical Marijuana Regulation

“The Bureau of Medical Marijuana Regulation will be traveling to various regions in the state as part of a listening tour to provide information to the public about the Bureau and the regulatory process.”

Calaveras County eyeing marijuana moratorium // CBS-TV local

Somebody needs to regulate the new players in the area’s “Green Rush,” old timers say. County officials seem to be waiting to see how the November ballot measures turn out.


AAA says “drugged driving” tests have no basis in science // WPBF-TV

AAA suggests specially trained police officers should make the decision as to whether or not a driver is impaired. Find the whole report here.


Berkeley votes for diversity in dispensary permit // East Bay Express

Many terms can be used to describe Sue Taylor: black Berkeley resident; retired Catholic school principal; and senior citizen among them. Now the Berkeley City Council has added another one: cannabis dispensary owner.

Prices tumble with legalization // Washington Post

“Legalized marijuana is getting very cheap very quickly.” That’s good for consumers, and not so good for state tax budgets, growers, or sellers.

Oregon’s cannabis boom spikes warehouse prices // KLCC Radio

Rental fees are higher than at any time since before the recession. Yet many owners don’t want to rent to marijuana businesses.


Cities and counties need to act ahead of possible legalization // Orange County Register

“It took 20 years after voters … legalized medical marijuana, for the California Legislature to follow that measure’s instructions to establish sensible statewide regulations.” If recreational pot passes in November, cities and counties will only have until January 1, 2018 to figure out how to mesh thousands of cannabis businesses and numerous state agencies with their own local needs.

How celebrities help legitimize cannabis // Tucson Weekly

“One benefit of having someone famous, who is also a consumer, behind a product is that it will strive for consistency as well as high quality. This is important in an industry that some could easily view as very inconsistent.”


Politicians no longer fear cannabis money // SF Weekly

It wasn’t long ago that elected officials actively avoided lobbyists and other supporters of cannabis legalization. Those times are over, as a Bay Area visit by Congressman Earl Blumenauer of Oregon shows.


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