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Cannabis News Roundup: The extra length 4/20 edition

Steven Short
Marijuana plants at Oakland Museum of California


UC campus gets grant to develop “drugged driving” test // San Diego Union-Tribune

“Political experts said a measure to legalize recreational marijuana in California is likely to qualify for the Nov. 8 ballot, and the prospect of the nation's most populous state approving that measure is raising questions about everything from ‘drugged driving’ to where pot would be sold.” [Editor's note: See related story below.]

 “Drugged driving” bill advances to Appropriations // Cal NORML

“The bill [in the California Assembly] would establish a … standard for THC, criminalizing drivers with that amount in their blood (though supposedly other indicators of impairment would be necessary for a conviction).”

Kamala Harris vows to help re-schedule marijuana in Senate – if elected // Bay Area Reporter

Harris, currently California’s Attorney General, says she would work as U.S. Senator to reschedule marijuana from Schedule I (most dangerous). She is still concerned, in her present office, about how legalization here would be implemented if recreational marijuana is approved in November, especially in areas such as driving.

UN drug summit reveals global split // BBC

Mexico says “harsh penalties ‘create a vicious cycle of marginalization and crime,’” while Indonesia sticks with the death penalty for drug offenders.


Co-op president arrested in Ojai // Ventura County Star

There are 44 charges against the head of the co-op, including felony money laundering and felony failure to file an income tax return.

Illegal growers arrested in Denver raids // US News

“The yearlong investigation that led to [last week’s] raids began after residents living near the grows complained about the smell of weed.” Those arrested are allegedly Texans who moved to Colorado “specifically to grow marijuana that would be illegally exported.”


Hempcon could face big changes with legalization // SFGate

Thousands attend these events. Will they shrink if cannabis is legalized?  

Small Northern California growers join forces to “enhance the brand” // SF Chronicle

“These should be heady days for cannabis farmers and fans, perhaps the last 4/20 when marijuana is not fully legal for adults in California.” But fear of a Big Weed takeover looms in the shadows.

Mendo advised to add “weed” to their “wine & food” tourism // Ukiah Daily Journal

“People will be looking for a place to eat five-star food, drink five-star wine and smoke five-star weed,” [and] Mendocino County could easily become that place, as long as it planned ahead and got in front of the wave.”  [Editor's note: See related story below.]

Colorado gears up for full-service toking tourists // NYT

Those joining the cannabis caravan uniformly sigh with relief that they can get high without fear of arrest. But how long before “the big boys” arrive to change the game?


“Try marijuana. It’s doctor recommended” // Washington Post

A new organization called “Doctors for Cannabis Regulation (DFCR) is endorsing the legalization of marijuana for adult recreational use, a break from the position of the American Medical Association, the largest organization of doctors in the country.”


The originators of stoner comedy come to San Francisco // The Warfield

Cheech & Chong. Maybe you’ve seen their movies. Here’s a chance to see them live, tomorrow night.

Test your cannabis knowledge at Oakland Museum // KALW

“The exhibit is structured so that you can share your thoughts with others, both in writing and in conversation.” Many elements are hands-on. You can smell, but you cannot touch.

Groundbreaking film screens at festival // SFWeekly

The Moneytree was a film festival favorite when it came out in 1990, with its tale of a marijuana grower trying to sell his crop. It’s being revived tomorrow (04.23) at the Smith Rafael Film Center in San Rafael, with a panel discussion.

“Cannabis caucuses” come to San Francisco // National Cannabis Industry Assn.

This quarterly event “educates, connects, and inspires attendees, with a customized state and federal policy briefing and meaningful networking opportunities with regional and national industry leaders.

“The Cannabis Caucuses are held in the cannabis industry's twelve most active regions during the first month of each quarter,” and will be in San Francisco next Thursday, April 28.

4/20 stays mellow at Golden Gate Park // SF Chronicle

An estimated 10,000 people gathered in San Francisco’s Golden Gate Park April 20th to celebrate the unofficial marijuana holiday.


Cannabis: What’s good for the patient is good for the caregiver // New York Times

“Pot is my refresh button. It restores my innocence, makes the familiar look fascinating. Not all of the time, no. But enough of the time. I’m a sunnier companion when I’m high.”


Three Californians on Fortune’s list of marijuana heavyweights // Fortune

“Some estimates suggest the total size of the U.S. marijuana industry could easily top $20 billion within a few years. Because of projections like that, people have flocked to the industry in recent years in the hope of tapping into that vast potential as part of the ongoing 'Green Rush' for marijuana money.” This admittedly non-comprehensive list recognizes some “most influential people.”

Cannabis is kosher, leading rabbi declares // Times of Israel

“Rabbi ChaimKanievsky, widely considered the leading living ultra-Orthodox halachic authority, ruled that marijuana is kosher for Passover and can be either eaten or smoked over the eight-day Jewish festival, during which strict dietary laws apply” — providing it's used medicinally.


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