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Daily news roundup for Monday, April 4, 2016

"Green Grass Society" by Flickr user Soul Assassin. Used under CC BY-NC-ND 2.0/resized and cropped
Image source: http://bit.ly/1VofV8k

Here's what's happening in the Bay Area, as curated by KALW News:

Will Oakland's Legal Weed Industry Leave People of Color Behind? // East Bay Express

"Oakland finds itself at a critical juncture in the roll out of its regulatory policies regarding medical marijuana. While there are only eight licenses for cannabis dispensaries in the city at present, on April 26 the city council is scheduled to vote on whether to approve eight more licenses per year, starting this year, creating additional opportunities for entrepreneurs who have been operating in the underground market to go legit. The city is also considering implementing other cannabis licenses that would legitimize grow operations, delivery services, edibles and topicals companies, testing labs, and other marijuana-related businesses that are currently operating in a legal gray area."


SF may become first US city with fully paid parental leave: Here's what others get // SF Gate

"California is already one of the best spots in the United States to have a child, but legislation before the Board of Supervisors could make San Francisco the only place in America where new parents don't take a pay cut, at least for a portion of their time off.

"When it comes to maternity and paternity leave, the United States has little to boast about. It is the only industrialized country in the world that does not guarantee paid maternity leave. Some states, including California, do give more generous benefits, but they still lag far behind most developed nations. New York State surpassed California last week when they guaranteed parents at least eight weeks of partially-paid leave.

"The Golden State pays 55 percent of a parent's salary for six weeks of bonding time, and Supervisor Scott Wiener wants to mandate that San Francisco businesses--that employ at least 20 people--pay the remaining 45 percent -- giving them full pay for a portion of their leave time."


Richmond to commission study on annexing North Richmond // Contra Costa Times

"RICHMOND -- The city is taking an initial step on the long-discussed idea of annexing unincorporated North Richmond by authorizing a study on the merits of bringing what local leaders sometimes call the 'hole in the doughnut' officially within its boundaries.


City aid program keeping some nonprofits in SF // San Francisco Chronicle

"Last spring, the Roxie Theater faced eviction after its rent spiked from $9,292 a month to $21,200. The two-screen theater — which opened on 16th Street in the Mission in 1909 — has a unique connection to its space, and there was nowhere else the arts nonprofit could move while maintaining its identity as the oldest movie house in the United States.

"The organization renegotiated a less-expensive lease after receiving a grant and counseling services from the Nonprofit Displacement Mitigation Program, a city service that helps nonprofits find stable space. But it’s only temporary: In three years, the Roxie could face another rent increase, and with real estate prices soaring, buying the building isn’t an option."


Nearly a century old, Yoshihiro Uchida still wows Olympians // San Jose Mercury News

"With his latest Olympian guiding him, 96-year-old judo coach Yoshihiro Uchida scaled the steps of the San Jose State gym that bears his name Saturday, as more than 100 national competitors smacked the mats beneath them."


CHP officers on Bay Bridge give chase to Chihuahua // Inside Bay Area News

"SAN FRANCISCO -- California Highway Patrol officers ran down a black Chihuahua on the Bay Bridge early Sunday morning after a pursuit in the westbound lanes of Interstate 80.

"A patrol car dashboard camera captured the pursuit, showing a motorcycle following the dog in the far right lane as it ran in the middle of the five-lane bridge. The video shows motorists going west staying behind the CHP during the chase."