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Daily news roundup for Thursday, February 25, 2016

Division Street Bike Lanes. San Francisco Bike Coalition. Used under CC license, cropped and resized.

Here's what's happening in the Bay Area, as curated by KALW news:

Where Are Division Street's Homeless Expected To Go? // Hoodline

"To learn more about where the city expects Division Street's homeless to go by Friday's deadline, we reached out to Sam Dodge, executive director of the Mayor's Office of Housing Opportunity, Partnerships & Engagement (HOPE)."

"Dodge says the city's Homeless Outreach Team has been working over the past two weeks to persuade people living on Division to move into the new shelter at Pier 80. Convincing people to move willingly is a process, he said, but they are making headway as word about this alternative has spread. Since Monday night, they've invited in nearly 100 people from Division Street."


Report: Profound Racial Disparities in Mortgage Lending Seen in Oakland // East Bay Express

"According to a research report published today, Blacks and Latinos are 'severely underrepresented' among borrowers who obtained a loan from a major bank to purchase a home in the city of Oakland. "

"The report, by the Greenlining Institute and Urban Strategies Council, also found that banks issued a much smaller total number of home mortgage loans in Oakland compared to Fresno and Long Beach, two other cities analyzed in the study. And Black and Latino borrowers in Oakland applied for home loans at very low rates, and were approved at lower rates than whites. This dearth in mortgage lending by major banks in Oakland, compounded by low numbers of mortgage loan applications from Black and Latino customers, and lower loan approval rates, is perpetuating and exacerbating wealth disparities, the authors of the study concluded."


CCSF faculty union to hold strike authorization vote // SF Examiner

"City College of San Francisco’s faculty union will vote next week whether to authorize a strike after nearly a year of unsuccessful salary negotiations with the school’s administration."

"The strike authorization vote, set to begin Monday and run through March 8, would allow the American Federation of Teachers Local 2121’s executive board and negotiating team to call for a strike if the union and administrators cannot agree on a new contract."


Apple silent on mysterious noises from Sunnyvale complex // San Jose Mercury

"Jamie Porter is standing on the roof of her house in a working-class neighborhood near Central Expressway, looking over the top of a green, sheet-metal fence to a complex of buildings just beyond. What's going on in those buildings is a secret -- the fence is tall, security is tight and Apple isn't saying."

"This is the home of Apple's latest mystery -- a complex on San Gabriel Drive near Wolfe Road that has been occupied by the secretive Cupertino company since 2014, city records show. And whatever Apple is working on inside -- a dreamy new car, some clues suggest -- has over the past several months become the talk of this neatly trimmed slice of Silicon Valley, producing odd and telling noises, sometimes long after darkness has fallen."


Bald eagle flies away from coop at Palo Alto museum; search ongoing // Inside Bay Area

"Officials at a Palo Alto zoo say a bald eagle flew away from her coop earlier this week and are asking for anyone who may spot her to report the sighting."

"Aikin says Sequoia was originally found shot in the wild, and has a paralyzed tail and even though she can fly, she cannot move well enough to catch prey."

"Museum officials say Sequoia wears a tracking device and that the last time they saw her signal, she was near Stanford University on Tuesday afternoon."