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Daily News Roundup for Thursday, February 18, 2016

Church of John Coltrane

Here's what's happening in the Bay Area, as curated by KALW News:

S.F.’s St. John Coltrane Church fights eviction // SF Gate

The St. John Coltrane African Orthodox Church, a uniquely San Franciscan storefront ministry dedicated to the music and preachings of the soulful sax man, is facing eviction and may be gone as soon as Sunday’s sermon ends.

Archbishop Franzo W. King, who co-founded the Fillmore district church, says he has received a three-day notice to vacate the space in the West Bay Conference Center, a meeting hall for hire. King says the center’s director, Floyd Trammell, has not accepted his rent of $1,600 per month for two years, and King is now waiting for the sheriff to serve eviction papers.


Another Tech Guy Notices S.F.'s Homeless Issue, Blogs About It, Is Crucified // SF Weekly

"Justin Keller is no Greg Gopman. He did not live in city-subsidized affordable housing while calling the city's homeless "hyenas," all before morphing into the self-appointed savior of San Francisco street people . . .  

"But Justin Keller, startup founder, is a tech guy. And he has a blog. And he's a tech guy who on Monday typed out an ill-advised lament in which he states, in the three years he's been a San Franciscan, he has become increasingly alarmed by the "homeless and drug problem that the city is faced with" — which means that he's now and forever in the same category as Gopman and Shih, whose rants about city life earned them internet scorn."


Five myths about the homeless problem in San Francisco // 48hills

"There is so much misinformation about homeless people and the problem of homelessness in San Francisco that I almost don’t know where to start. But the news coverage of the homeless encampments, the Chron’s story on how much money the city spends on homeless services, and the ongoing attacks on tent cities suggest that a lot of us are missing the point.

"Here are some of the biggest myths about homelessness in San Francisco."


Bay Area weather: New radar better predicts just where and just how much rain to expect // San Jose Mercury News

"As a wet and windy storm blows in off the Pacific, a new San Jose-based radar system is watching it with the greatest precision ever, estimating rainfall in individual communities rather than providing a more general Bay Area forecast.

"Discrete patches of incoming moisture are detected by a humming "X-band" radar unit on the rooftop of a treatment plant owned by the Santa Clara Valley Water District, predicting precipitation and flood risk with much greater accuracy than current technology. Four more units will be phased in over the next five years for the Peninsula, East Bay and North Bay."


Dungeness crab task force opts to continue waiting to start season 'for the good of the industry' // San Jose Mercury News

"The 2015-2016 commercial Dungeness crab fishing season is officially a salvage operation, but beleaguered fishermen must wait at least another week before they can get to work.

"During a Tuesday conference call, the state Dungeness Crab Task Force unanimously recommended keeping the commercial crab fishing season closed until remaining test sites along the California Coast produce sample crab containing safe levels of domoic acid."


Gather the Nations // 48hills

"If you haven’t attended a Bay Area powwow, you’re in for a treat Sat/20, when the Fifth Annual BAAITS Powwow comes to Fort Mason, 10am-10pm. I’ve attended three of these diverse cultural knockouts and written rapturously about them in the past: the incredible music, the spirited dancing, the important tradition, the glorious costumery, the cool vendors and goods, and, of course, the yummy frybread."