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Cannabis News Roundup: 12.11.15

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California coalitions begin to form around “Adult Use” measure… Look inside a Cannabis Cup… South American news…  Banking survey… What Rick Steves says… and more.


California’s recreational initiatives begin to solidify // MJbizdaily   California doesn’t have as many recreational marijuana ballot proposals as the Republicans have presidential candidates; it just seems that way. But that’s changing after revisions to the “Adult Use” measure.

Fiona Ma: Cannabis transport must be regulated // Cannabis Business Executive  “As conversations continue on the regulation of California’s existing Cannabis Industry, the safe transportation of medical cannabis will have to be a priority,” says this member of the State Board of Equalization. And she includes suggested changes in banking in this discussion.

Indio don’t need no stinking marijuana // The Desert Sun  A City council member says she wanted to see medical dispensaries as positive for Indio, but has decided “that the economic prosperity that this promises turns into a nightmare and I think it would turn into a nightmare for our city."

Mexico announces national debate on reforming marijuana laws //  Yahoo.com   The president still opposes legalization, but “he indicated that his government could be open to changing the laws depending on the outcome of the debate.”

Uruguay names two recreational distributors // Bloomburg Business  The official price will be $1/gram, sold through pharmacies.

Chile removes cannabis from “hard drugs” list // Tri-City Herald  “Planting, selling and transporting marijuana remains illegal in Chile and carries prison terms of 5-10 years. But Congress is expected to soon debate wider changes to Chile's drug law.”


Survey: The state of banking services // Marijuana Business Daily  “The survey, which takes less than two minutes to complete, will help shed light on what portion and what type of cannabis businesses have bank accounts and the biggest challenges companies encounter trying to get one. The data will be used in an upcoming chart on Marijuana Business Daily.”


 Who attends all these cannabis cups? // KALW Radio If you’ve never been to a cannabis cup, such as The Emerald Cup in Santa Rosa this weekend, this story will give you a peek beyond the gates of one - specifically the High Times Cup back in June.


Global environment suffers with current drug policy // US News.com  “The main focus of drug policy has been to destroy crops and chase down traffickers. This has sometimes even been done in the name of environmental protection, to justify destroying drug fields carved from rain forest. Yet it would be hard to conceive of a drug policy regime that is more damaging for the environment.”

Rick Steves: Thwart Big Marijuana, grow your own // KUOW Radio  The popular TV travel host and marijuana advocate says “I like the idea of having home grown because it gives people an option to having to buy something from a giant organization.”


John Trudell: occupied Alcatraz, advocated for hemp // SF Gate  The activist for native tribal causes also co-founded Hempstead Project Heart with Willie Nelson. The organization “advocates for legalizing the growing of hemp for industrial purposes as a more environmentally sound alternative to crops used for clothing, biofuel and food.”


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