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Cannabis News Roundup: 10.09.15

Under CC license from Flickr user: Jurassic Blueberries2015.10.09 — https://www.flickr.com/search/?q=cannabis >> Consult PHOTO.sizing instructions Under CC license from Flickr user: Jurassic Blueberries ReformCA files their initiative… Splits in
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ReformCA files their initiative… Splits in legalization coalition… Growers grapple with “drifting odors”… 12-year-olds predict the future… and more.


Legalization should be state’s decision, says A.G. // The Joint Blog  Loretta Lynch also outlined steps “to avoid federal interference.”

“Reform California” files their ballot initiative // SF Weekly  “If the initiative qualifies for the ballot and is approved by voters, adults 21 and over would be allowed to possess up to an ounce of cannabis, which would be removed from the state's list of banned substances,” among other provisions. But all of this year’s proposals lack major financial support, which is crucial in a statewide campaign.

16 important points about the Reform California initiative // Marijuana Politics  You should review this before the November election.

Cracks forming in legalization coalition //  L.A.Weekly  “The ReformCA initiative from the Coalition for Cannabis Policy Reform was supposed to be the one that all the big players in state marijuana politics got behind.” Now, that’s changing.


900 plants taken from El Dorado County dispensary // Sacramento Bee  “The five-month investigation centered on tax evasion, money laundering, conspiracy and commercial distribution of marijuana for profit.”


Growers grapple with pervasive stink problems // MJbizdaily.com  “Technology to mitigate drifting odors is available, but it takes time to install and is, upon first blush, expensive.” But it’s cheaper than shutting down businesses over complaints from city officials.


Study looks to 12-year-olds to predict the future  // L.A. Times  Youngsters with a positive view of marijuana are “significantly more likely to drive under the influence when they are 16.”


“Altered State: Marijuana in California” coming to Oakland // San Jose Mercury News  Billed as “the first-ever museum exhibit on the subject,” the Oakland Museum of California  exhibit “will delve into the history, politics, criminalization, science and business surrounding ‘the evil weed’ or ‘sacred ganja’.” The exhibit opens next spring.


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