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Planet Money: Dead Chickens, A Tiny Motor And The Story Of Alibaba

Ana Rodríguez Carrington/Flickr

On Amazon, it seems like you can order almost anything - like books, cans of tomatoes, and a new pair of shoes. But there’s an even bigger online marketplace out there -  and it’s called Alibaba. Planet Money reporters Steve Henn and Zoe Chace bring us this story of how Alibaba does business a little differently - and how that business affects entrepreneurs in China and some Northern California chickens.

This piece originally aired on Planet Money and Morning Edition


Steve Henn is NPR's technology correspondent based in Menlo Park, California, who is currently on assignment with Planet Money. An award winning journalist, he now covers the intersection of technology and modern life - exploring how digital innovations are changing the way we interact with people we love, the institutions we depend on and the world around us. In 2012 he came frighteningly close to crashing one of the first Tesla sedans ever made. He has taken a ride in a self-driving car, and flown a drone around Stanford's campus with a legal expert on privacy and robotics.