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Cannabis News Roundup: 09.04.15

Under CC license from Flickr user: Peter du Preez
Rasta 'hopper

What Governor Brown wants…  Students smoke more pot than tobacco now…  Pesticides finally being studied… Sperm counts drop “significantly”… Cannabis for your kitty?  And more.


Deadline approaches for Assembly revisions on statewide regulations // MJBizdaily.com   “The legislative session adjourns on Sept. 11, which gives lawmakers and dozens of stakeholders involved in negotiations a chance to strike an agreement at the eleventh hour.”

What Gov. Brown prefers // SFWeekly.com   “Last week, Brown circulated among lawmakers his preferred vision for a regulated California cannabis industry.”  Find some specifics here.

A monopoly by any other name…. // NPR.org  Many who would support legalization in Ohio oppose the current plan “because it specifies just 10 locations in the state where growing pot would be allowed. And 10 groups of investors already have dibs on those sites.”


Life sentence commuted for Missouri inmate // sfgate.com  Jeff Mizanskey was the only inmate in the state serving life without parole for a nonviolent marijuana-related offense.


Water regulations bring new approach: inspection not raids // SacBee.com  This is a “unique state effort that identifies growers willing to work with authorities to monitor water use and environmental impacts from marijuana cultivation. The compliance program signals a shift in regulatory oversight of an industry that has existed in a murky legal area since California became the first state to legalize marijuana for medical use in 1996.”

No smoking at Green Door lounge, for now // EastBayExpress.com   “We are sorry to announce that Lounge8four7 is temporarily closed to medicating. We are undergoing a new permitting process and plan to re-open the Lounge for medicating in the very near future.”


Pesticides finally being taken seriously // EastBayExpress.com   “Numerous reports indicate that California's medical crop is laden with pesticides. Experts attest to it, and limited data is damning.”

Sperm counts drop significantly in cannabis smokers // LiveScience.com  “It is not clear why marijuana use may decrease a man’s sperm count and concentration, but it may have something to do with how THC — marijuana's psychoactive ingredient — interacts with certain receptors in the testes, the researchers said.”

Cannabis for your kitty? // Alternet.com  “A number of cannabis companies are making low-THC, high-CBD products aimed at ailing animal companions, and with eyes on the $15 billion-a-year pet supplies and supplements market, more are on the way. San Francisco edible's manufacturer Auntie Dolores is one of the pioneers, with a line of dog biscuits called Treatibles.”


Cannabis Author Showcase returns to Oakland // EastBayExpress.com  Columnist David Downs will host this talk-show style event.


Joel Fort, early cannabis campaigner // SFgate.com  “From the beginning of his career, Dr. Fort had argued that alcohol was a much more dangerous drug than marijuana.  He often went to court as an expert witness, passionately defending many local and national organizations, including NORML, the National Organization for the Reform of Marijuana Laws, which advocates taxing and regulating marijuana.


Marijuana use at colleges surpasses tobacco use // EurekaAlert.org  “One in every 17 college students is smoking marijuana on a daily or near-daily basis, defined as use on 20 or more occasions in the prior 30 days.” This is the highest percentage since record keeping began in 1980.


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