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Cannabis News Roundup: 08.28.15

Under CC license from Flickr user: bcrich42

Legalization campaigns need cash… Tribe breaks ties with town police over marijuana… Delivery services aid in education… Are firefighters getting high on the job? … and more.


Assembly members work to consolidate bills // Times-Standard.com  There’s overlap in AB 266 and SB 643, so sponsors want to arrange for the bills to “merge from appropriations committees and move to the floor for a vote.” [See next story.]

Where’s the money? // EastBayExpress.com  “In 439 days, Californians are expected to cast a historic vote on an initiative legalizing cannabis for recreational adult use. But the text of that initiative and the hard proof that activists have the $20 million necessary to campaign for it have yet to materialize.”

SF taxi drivers may be drug-tested, with no medical marijuana exemption // sfexaminer.com   “The SFMTA has no way of knowing which operator possesses a medical marijuana card.” A decision is expected in October.


Nation’s first dispensary hopes to reopen // NBCbayarea.com  Founder Lynette Shaw is banned from the industry, but the judge who implemented the closure of the Marin Alliance for Medical Marijuana in Fairfax says times have changed and this needs another look.

13 to face charges in Santa Ana “rogue cop video” raid // OCregister.com  “Following the May 26 raid at Sky High, the defendants were cited for suspicion of unlawful operation of a medical marijuana collective.”

Trained eye witness more valuable than a drug test // huffingtonpost.com  “When it comes time to go to court, the testimony of an officer trained as a drug recognition expert is often more valuable than a THC test because of disparities in how the drug impacts driving ability.”

South Dakota tribe fires town police // argusleader.com  “The tribe voted in early June to legalize marijuana on the reservation by Jan. 1, 2016. Law enforcement authorities across the state have voiced concerns about problems that legalizing marijuana could cause — from impaired drivers to marijuana trafficking.”


“Trim” now in demand // MJbizdaily.com   The excess leaves of the marijuana harvest, known as trim or shake, have gone from being undesirable to coveted in Oregon as their use in concentrates increases.


Chill out with cannabis // SFgate.com  CBD in particular seems to help with “social anxiety disorder,” breaking the stereotype of smokers being paranoid.

Delivery services take on education // EastBayExpress.com   “Even in the cannabis-savvy Bay Area, plenty of new patients, including seniors, are just now beginning to try tinctures, topicals, and vape pens, and they want to know what THC is and why CBD is important.”


Statewide regulation overdue in California // appeal-democrat.com  “There have to be a lot of moving parts to a bill governing how medical marijuana is grown, harvested, processed, packaged, sold, and used responsibly. We should have had a statewide system 20 years ago, but instead it was let go. Counties were left to figure out their own ordinances… How well has that worked?”

Gay guys who smoke pot make awesome boyfriends” // Gayguys.com   “A 2014 study in the journal Psychology of Addictive Behaviors showed that weed is linked to lower rates of domestic violence in couples” and “a man who smokes pot is probably more in touch with his feelings, making himself more open to yours.”


Firefighters not likely to get high // SFgate.com   Fierce fires throughout the West are burning everything in their paths, including pot farms. But firefighters and residents would “need to breathe in an awful lot of it” to have much affect.

Sativa? Indica? Does it matter? // plos.org  “Cannabis breeders and growers often indicate the percentage of Sativa or Indica in a cannabis strain, but they are not very accurate,” and the supposed effects of each have never really been tested.

“American Ultra” succeeds as stoner action-comedy // SFchronicle.com  “The script appears to have been written while high, to the point where the audience’s own consumption works like a secret decoder ring.”


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