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Cannabis News Roundup: 07.24.15

Under CC license from Flickr user: Akash Mathotra

Banking for dispensaries moves ahead… Blue Ribbon panel presents… There’s an app, but not on Google… Canadian cannabis heading our way?  And more.


Senate committee approves banking for state-licensed shops // drugpolicy.org   “By allowing marijuana stores to have access to checking accounts, credit cards, payroll companies and other financial services the amendment improves public safety and oversight.”

Details of California state legalization commission released // SFgate.com    The Blue Ribbon panel offers 58 policy suggestions on the myriad questions raised by legalization — from how and when to tax cannabis to how to determine when users are driving under the influence.

“Clean slate” bill introduced in Congress // wweek.com   “People who were caught up in the federal criminal justice system for a marijuana offense that was legal under state law at the time should not carry around a drug record,” says the bill’s sponsor, Representative Earl Blumenauer of Oregon.

Medical Marijuana Innovation Zone // citywatchla.com   “Even as marijuana remains firmly in the gray market nationally, public officials in Arcata talk about marijuana the way their counterparts in Iowa talk about corn.“

Smoking regulations tightened in San Mateo // smdailyjournal.com   “While some members of the public sought further restriction of marijuana smoke in apartments, the city must make exceptions as medicinal use is regulated by the state.” Smoking marijuana on any public property is prohibited.


San Jose park evacuated during pot raid // mercurynews.com   “When the deputies got there [last Friday], they ran into three men, some of whom were armed. …  Among the evacuees were members of a children's summer camp.”


Delivery app removed from Google Play store // MJbiznews.com   “Google told its executives that the app encourages illegal activity, even though marijuana is legal in California.”

Cannabis coming to the US from across the border  // MJbiznews.com    That headline wouldn’t be news, except that the border is the Canadian one, and the cannabis is legal.

No TV ads for dispensary and vape pens // thecannabist.com   There’s no mention of cannabis in the ads that were scheduled for KMGH in Denver. But broadcasters are federally licensed, and cannabis is illegal on the federal level, so the plan is “on hold.”

“Cannabis Connection” debuts on Santa Cruz radio // Santacruzsentinel.com   Program will interview “advocates, dispensaries, policy makers, researchers, artists and patients.”


Google hangout for cannabis regulatory bills // Google.com  Americans for Safe Access will host this event next Tuesday (07.28) at 8pm. To Participate:  Log-on to a web page which is broadcasting the Google Hangout, below the video there's a space to type in your questions so that as the host is speaking, he can answer the questions in real time. 


Berkeley activist gets “special attention” at airport // EastBayExpress.com   AundreSpeciale gets the once-over, then the twice-over. Then the guys with the big dog and the big badges arrive.

Snoop Dog lit a joint in the White House //  thecannabist.com   Well, he says he lit it in the bathroom. But it was the bathroom of the White House.


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