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The Upshot: Fire on the 57 Bus in Oakland

Katy Grannan for The New York Times
Sasha Fleischman in Oakland, Calif., in June, seven months after being set on fire on a city bus.

In November 2013, agender teenager Sasha Fleischman was riding the 57 bus home from school when teenager Richard Thomas set Fleischman’s skirt on fire. Fleischman went to the hospital for 23 days; Thomas went to prison for 7 years.
In a recent New York Times magazine article, journalist Dashka Slater explores the lives and motivations of 
both these teenagers. She sat down with Leah Rose from “The Upshot” podcast to talk about her article “The Fire on the 57 Bus in Oakland."

Dashka Slater: These were families that could have been really angry towards one another and they weren’t."

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