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Cannabis News Roundup: 06.05.15

[Under CC license from Flickr user Barbara]

Illegal grows on public lands targeted by Assembly…  Dispensary troubles… Native tribes warned about cultivation plans… Louis Armstrong's “marijuana tapes”… and more.


Assembly watershed protection bill goes to Senate // LostCoast.com  Assembly Bill 243 (aka the Marijuana Watershed Protection Act) “aimed at curbing the environmental destruction caused by marijuana farming passed in the state Assembly this week and will now move on to the state Senate for consideration.”

Butane Hash Oil measure passes State Senate // Californianewswire.com   “The bill will address the proliferation of Butane Hash Oil (BHO) and methamphetamine manufacturing in residential neighborhoods by making it an aggravated felony to manufacture the drugs within close proximity to occupied residences and structures.”

When politicians go to Garberville //  NorthCoastJournal.com    “The crowd booed when [Congressman Jared] Huffman used the word ‘trafficking’ and recoiled at ‘marijuana’ — cannabis is the preferred term, one commenter pointed out. But the mood was generally jovial, with Huffman and [Lt. Gov. Gavin] Newsom in a full-on charm offensive.”

Cal-NORML director outlines marijuana tax plan // Newrevenue.org   Click on the link in the second paragraph for an easier-to-read version of this proposal.


Tahoe dispensary raided after criticizing sheriff // TahoeDailyTribune.com   “Not a coincidence” says the dispensary’s director, who had planned a demonstration at the County Board of Supervisors meeting the next day, criticizing what he calls light treatment of a meth-dealing deputy. The sheriff’s office says their action was part of an on-going effort.

San Jose dispensary takes on City Hall // NBCbayarea.com  The dispensary featured in an NBC investigation last month says it follows state law, not city rules.


Nevada tries to cure banking issues // Mjbizdaily.com   “The amendment, written into a mortgage lending bill, would change the rules so savings and loan companies wouldn’t have to obtain insurance from the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation.”  The one significant bank willing to take deposits from planned dispensaries recently pulled out over concerns with federal regulations.

Sheriff warns Ukiah tribes about cultivation plans // Uhkiahdailyjournal.com  County Sheriff Tom Allman told a tribal representative this week that “ he will act to enforce state law and the county’s own marijuana ordinance if the tribe embarks on a large marijuana growing enterprise.”

Salmon or sensimilla? // IndianCountryToday.com  “For many tribal members the option of going into the cannabis business is a choice between economic growth and maintaining salmon habitats.”


The Cannabis Encyclopedia //  EastBayExpress.com  Nearly 600 pages, including 2,000 images, are found between the covers of Jorge Cervantes’ updated gardening book. Here’s an interview with the author.


Marin paper applauds new Board guidelines // MarinIJ.com  “Having regulated local dispensaries for a short time is better for patients than having to leave the county to buy it legally.”


Louis Armstrong remembers being busted // untappedcities.com   Excerpts from the famed trumpeter’s home recordings include an ultimatum to his manager: “Either fix it so I’m never arrested for possession again, or I quit playing trumpet forever.”


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