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Talking aging with Dr. Louise Aronson


We're all getting older, so what are some ways we can embrace it better? When women hit major markers with aging, like menopause, Dr. Louise Aronson, a geriatrician and professor at UCSF, says that there is no reason to get so down about it.

DR. LOUISE ARONSON: It almost seems these days, that people fear more old age more than they fear death. Not everybody but a lot of people do. But when they are thinking of fearing old age more than death they are generally thinking about old age as somebody with a bad stroke or advanced dementia who is completely out of control and isn't the person they once were. And does that happen to some people? It absolutely does, it tends to happen at the very end. Old age is a long phase of life, we routinely have patients in their 90s and 100s these days.

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