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Cannabis News Roundup: 03.06.15


More groups favor legalization… Federal court in Washington State still  convicting growers… Two new forms of co-ops… Utah rabbits hopped up on illegal grows… and more.


Majority of Young Republicans like legalization // NPR.org   “Nearly two-thirds of Millennials who identify as Republican support legalizing marijuana, while almost half of older GOP Gen-Xers do, according to a recently released Pew survey that could be an indicator of where the debate is heading.”

“Gold standard” survey: 52% favor legalization // WashingtonPost.com  “Fifty-two percent said pot should be legalized, 42 percent opposed it, and another 7 percent were undecided. Support is up 9 percentage points from 2012, the last time the survey was conducted.”

Legalization summit seeks “appropriate local control

// UkiahDailyJournal.com  Closed meeting yesterday included local and state offers from several northern California counties.


Outdoor grows are banned in Clearlake // Record-bee.com  “At this point we’re going to take our city back,” said Vice Mayor Gina Fortino-Dickson, “try to restore ourselves to the community we used to be, the community we used to live in.”


Jury tosses 4 of 5 charges in Washington State // Spokesman.com   “The case of the so-called ‘Kettle Falls Five’ has been closely watched nationwide as an indicator of how tough the federal government will be in pursuing criminal marijuana charges in states that have legalized the drug for medicinal and recreational uses."

Over 90% of cannabis arrests in Oakland are black and brown citizens //  SFweekly.com  “Still, that's not the worst racial disparity for weed arrests in the Bay Area.”


Delivery service bypasses dispensaries // SFgate.com   “Not unlike farmers markets, the idea [behind Flow Kana] is to sidestep dispensaries and let farmers create brands.

Tribal reps meet to discuss cannabis // IndianCountryTodaymediaNetwork.com There was talk of forming a Tribal Cannabis Assn., and a reminder that cannabis is still illegal on the federal level.

A new type of farmers co-op // Willitsnews.com   “As early as June the Emerald Grown Co-op, a new first of its kind marketing co-op, expects to publish a catalogue advertising the names and wares of a larger number of Mendocino marijuana farms, including glossy photos of landscapes and marijuana, branding messages about core-values, and even a star on a map of Mendocino showing the rough location of the farm.”

“Crosscurrents” goes to pot // KALW.org  On the “Trimmigrant Trail” in  Humboldt County.


“No long term damage” to adult cannabis smokers//  HighTimes.com  Dr. Igor Grant also says the plant’s Schedule 1 drug classification by the government “is not tenable.”


"High Art!" cannabis package contest // EastBayExpress.com   Oakland contest has $15,000 in prizes.


Is marijuana on tribal lands another scam from the Great White Father? [Editorial cartoon.]


A “listical” about cannabidiol (CBD) // Alternet.org

Utah rabbits hopped up on outdoor grows // www.upi.com  Well, it’s not “all about the children” after all. The concern about keeping cannabis away from kids has a partner now: how to keep it from animals in outdoor plantations?


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