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Cannabis News Roundup: 02.13.15


California Assembly to consider legalization bill & Marijuana Watershed Protection Act… US Attorney’s seizure plans held up, again… No Pomo pot plantation… Health news, and more… 


Legalization bill introduced in California Assembly // www.leginfo.ca.gov Bill has backing of the League of Cities and Police Chiefs. A new section of Consumer Affairs would handle regulations.

Congress to have last word on D.C. recreational marijuana // mmjBusinessDaily.com   The people have spoken but Congress has authority over laws passed in the nation's capitol - and they've already prohibited use of any federal funds in this matter. 


Assemblymember introduces Marijuana Watershed Protection Act //  Goldrushcam.com    “This is not an attempt to eradicate medical marijuana farms, it is about establishing a reasonable permitting and regulatory process, as well as educating growers on best practices."

Licensing medical marijuana dispensaries will lead to illegal shops: Long Beach// PressTelegram.com   City Council study group points to neighboring Los Angeles, where “illegal dispensaries outnumber legal locations by a seven-to-one margin.”


Berkeley Patients Group court case on hold //  SFGate.com   US Attorney’s efforts to seize BPG must now wait for a Ninth Circuit Court decision after City of Berkeley’s involvement is upheld. [See last week’s similar story concerning City of Oakland and Harborside. Health Center.]


Pomo tribe pot plantation on hold after meeting with sheriff // UkiahDailyJournal.com   That 2.5 acre medical marijuana plantation that the Pomos had planned won’t be happening. "As far as I know there are no laws that allow this, “ said Mendocino County Sheriff Tom Allman, after a meeting with tribal representatives. 

“No smoking” at work means medical cannabis, too //  SFGate   “Neither federal nor state law prohibits employers from disciplining or terminating employees for marijuana use, even when the drug is used to treat a disability…”.


“Stoned driving” does not increase traffic accidents: NHTSA // DetroitNews.com   “The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration said a 20-month survey of drivers in 2013 and 2014 found that while drinking dramatically raises the chance of a crash, there was no evidence that marijuana use is statistically significant in boosting wreck rates.”

“Mania symptoms” linked to cannabis use in British study //  www2.warwick.ac.uk   The review also “suggested that cannabis use significantly worsened mania symptoms in people who had previously been diagnosed with bipolar disorder.”


Alex Rogers talks about this weekend’s International Cannabis Business Conference// KALW.org   “This conference is more multi-pronged than some others, which primarily focus on business.” Many Bay Area presenters are on the program, along with Rick Steves, Carl Hart and other national figures.


Green Cross owner to SF City Hall: Super strong edibles need regulation // SFweekly.com  "There is no medical necessity” for  brownies with “the psychoactive punch [of] about an entire ounce of high-grade California medical cannabis.”


Law schools adding marijuana law & policy courses // thecollegefix.com   Schools as diverse as Oregon State and Vanderbilt "have launched classes that grapple with the legal ramifications surrounding the fact that the federal government still deems marijuana an illegal substance."

and here’s the local story, from Santa Clara University// nbcbayarea.com  (With video.)

“Getting Doug with High” web series //  LATimes.com  Wish you could watch other people get high on YouTube? Then this series is for you.


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