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Cannabis News Roundup: 01.23.15


Attorney General ends seizure program, or does he?... Rogue Berkeley dispensary ordered to close… Tribes’ plans to cultivate cannabis concerns current suppliers… Events, Health, Opinion, and more.


US Attorney General ends asset seizure program // Dept. of Justice  Local and state police can no longer confiscate money and property from citizens without proof of a crime. More than $3 billion of assets have been seized since 2008 under a civil asset forfeiture program at the Justice Department called Equitable Sharing.”

… but critic says Holder’s memo is mostly “window dressing” // EastBayExpress.com  “Holder's policy change does not even make a ripple in the ocean of forfeiture abuse that cries out for reform,” says Mill Valley attorney.

Berkeley’s Forty Acres collective declared public nuisance //  InsideBayArea.com    “Several residents told the council they felt intimidated by Forty Acres and its clientele and that more would have come forward but were too afraid.”

Prohibition removed on ads detailing medical uses of cannabis  // The News Tribune   Judge in Washington State finds “the statute impermissibly overbroad as it chills even informational speech aimed solely at public education." 


Approval for tribal grow sites concerns existing suppliers // MJbusinessdaily.com   Tribes are expected to follow the same plan as with gambling: start small, and expand quickly.

Growers “scared to death” as prices collapse in Washington // MJbuinessdaily.com   Remember how people yearned for lower cannabis prices as legalization started taking hold? That’s good for the consumer, but not for the grower. 


“Surprising” level of formaldehyde in e-cigs, study shows // NPR.org    Manufacturers call findings “unrealistic.”


Athletes using cannabis for performance enhancement  // BusinessInsider.com   “There are people that say training while high has helped them unlock new performance gains.” And they're not talking about hacky sack. 


Do you know the way to HempCon? //  HempCon.com   The convention starts at 3pm today and goes through Sunday at the San Jose Convention Center.

ICBC conference: a chance to reason together //  theWeedBlog.com   “The ICBC in San Francisco on February 15th & 16th provides a great opportunity for the California cannabis community to really start unifying around a common goal.”


The trouble with edibles //  SFWeekly.com   Last week I posed a question: why are cannabis edibles so dangerously strong?  This editorial addresses the question – and brings up another recurring theme of this blog: proper dosage.

“Legalize industrial hemp”: San Francisco Chronicle editorial //  Northern California’s largest newspaper says Congress should overcome “antiquated and unfounded fears” surrounding hemp and allow it to again become a viable crop. 


Mexican drug war rages on in our backyard // CannabisCulture.com   The headlines may be fewer now, but atrocities by Mexican drug gangs match anything happening in the Middle East.

Disney introduces “first stoner superhero” in “Big Hero 6” // Ladybud.com   Fred, “ the quintessential college stoner dude,” is seen in a positive light.


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