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Daily news roundup for Wednesday, January 21, 2015


Here's what's happening in the Bay Area, curated by KALW news:

Mayor Lee gets on board with proposal for 2nd BART tube // SF Gate

"Mayor Ed Lee has thrown his support behind building a second transbay BART tube, an expensive proposal that analysts say is critical to meeting the Bay Area’s transit demand and providing round-the-clock service.

"The second BART tube would run from Mission Bay to the East Bay. That proposed alignment would bring East Bay commuters directly to the heart of San Francisco’s growing biotech hub, where major housing, retail, office and other developments are planned or under construction, including the Golden State Warriors’ proposal to build an arena."

On 'Campus': A College-Like Take On Commune Living For Millennials New To Town // SFist

"Campus is an investment-backed property management startup with 20 houses in the Bay Area and four in New York, all fully remodeled, furnished, and spacious, many of them with yards and hot tubs. Houses range from four to 24 residents, for whom almost everything is taken care of, including the little stuff like a full spice rack and a bottomless supply of olive oil.

"That's in exchange for a small membership fee and rent somewhere between $1,000 to $2,200 per month for a sizable single or shared room. Conflict resolution, if necessary, is provided by Campus employees, and Campus membership currently comes with shared access to Tahoe and Napa vacation houses. Everyone's month-to-month, and everything from repairs to professional cleaning to toilet paper is provided by Campus employees so that residents, says 23-year-old CEO Tom Currier, can meet those higher level needs."

S.F. Bay bird rescue: Mystery goo bedevils experts // SF Gate

"Rescue workers stepped up efforts Monday to save 300 seabirds found coated with a mysterious goop over the past few days that officials believe was spilled or dumped into San Francisco Bay.

"The sticky, grayish, odorless material had killed over 300 birds and coated the feathers of many more found Monday, baffling experts and volunteers who were frantically trying to clean the birds.

"The substance is not petroleum based and is not organic or naturally occuring, so someone is responsible for fouling the Bay. They will have the results of necropsy lab test soon."

Tech Investments Are Soaring, Let's All Dance And Sing! // Valley Wag

"First came news that more companies went public in 2014 than in any year since 2000. Today, a new report claims VCs invested more money in 2014 than in any year since 2000. Everyone is getting rich. The good old days are back again..."

"So let's recap. There was roughly $50 billion invested last year, and that's about half what was invested during the mania of 2000. But this time we're seeing huge deals, like nothing anyone has ever seen before. And a lot of the money is coming from newbies and outsiders."

A New Era for Charter Schools? // EBX

"Private charter operators could soon take over five struggling schools in Oakland — and reap the benefits of a new parcel tax aimed at boosting public high schools..."

"In addition to Fremont High, OUSD is issuing RFPs for McClymonds High School (in West Oakland) and Castlemont High School, Frick Middle School, and Brookfield Elementary School (which are all in East Oakland). Proposals are due in May."

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