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Cannabis News Roundup: 11.21.14


AG Harris softens her stand on legalization after election…. “Dramatic reduction” in brain cancer with cannabis… Word of the Year: Vape… Bob Marley is now a brand… and more.


AG Harris “not opposed” to legalizing cannabis // Buzzfeed.com  “I don’t think it’s gonna take too long to figure this out,” the California State Attorney General said, as she monitors the situations in Colorado and Washington.     


Monterey County on the way to its first dispensary // Monterey Herald.com   “I think we’re the perfect test case,” says mayor of Del Rey Oaks. “We’re a small city and we have a police force that knows exactly what’s going on.”

Felony charges for El Dorado County dispensary employees // news10.net  Six thousand members impacted. Most are over 60.


Real estate agents specialize in cannabis properties // NPR.org   Legal marijuana must be grown indoors in Colorado, which is adding a new wrinkle to the “green rush” there, this one involving property.

National Marijuana Business Conference 2014 // Dailymail.co.uk  “The sold out three-day event is the largest ever seen in the history of the cannabis industry.” Here’s a summary, with photos.

Forget the Marlboro man; Marley man is on his way// MJ Businessdaily.com  Bob Marley’s family signs deal for reggae pioneer’s image and name to appear on cannabis products.

Cannabis auction disappoints // News.yahoo.com   Seller held the auction “to get rid of it all quick.” Proceeds were about half what he anticipated.


THC + CBD = “dramatic reduction” in brain cancer // SFGate.com    “Scientists using an extract of whole-plant marijuana rich in pot’s main psychoactive ingredient THC as well as cannabidiol (CBD) showed ‘dramatic reductions in tumor volumes’ of a type of brain cancer.”

Vets press for approval of medical cannabis // WashingtonPost.com  “It’s not about getting stoned. It’s about getting help,” one interviewee said. “The [Veterans Administration] doesn’t have any problem giving us addictive pharmaceutical drugs by the bagful.”

Twelve House Representatives introduced the Veterans Equal Access Act (VEAA) yesterday, with the aim of allowing VA physicians “to discuss and recommend medical marijuana to their patients, a right enjoyed by physicians outside of the VA system.”

What’s in your medical marijuana? // KPIX-TV  “Nothing I was taking had anything to do with the label,” says reporter Mike Sugarman. Don’t look to the FDA for help as long as the product is illegal on the national level.


“More research is needed” // LATimes.com  In the same vein as the previous link, this columnist asserts that “it would help to have a standardized way for consumers to assess the potency of a particular crop or strain. ‘Smooth draw, fruity taste’ isn't good enough. How much THC — the drug's main mind-altering ingredient — does it contain?”

Millions needed to make California cannabis legal // SFWeekly.com   That’s what it takes to run a statewide ballot campaign, both in votes, and in money. Will supporters make it happen?


Another house explosion blamed on hash oil lab// PE.com  Eight other southern California incidents since March are outlined here.


Dale Gieringer, director of California NORML, is on the cover of the  November issue of “Marijuana Magazine.”

"Vape" - Oxford Dictionary's word of the year // OxfordDictionaries.com   "Budtender" was also a nominee. The winner is chosen "to reflect the mood or preoccupations of that particular year.”


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