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Cannabis News Roundup: 08.01.14

M.W. Benutzer

New York Times endorses national legalization… Move in Congress to increase regulations… Yurok tribe welcomes federal intervention… Let’s just call it marijuana… and more.


CBD bill introduced in US Congress // Representative Scott Perry      Epilepsy Foundation applauds Pennsylvania Republican’s move.

Rand Paul pushes colleagues to declare their positions on cannabis // MJ Business Daily          “There’s no way to make any progress on this issue until the Senate takes a vote and the American people can know where their senators are,” says an aide to the Kentucky Senator.

Southern Congressmen want stronger regulations on marijuana // Huff Post         "As marijuana is de-stigmatized, use goes up, and it finds its way into the homes and candy and cookies and baked goods, and once it gets there, it finds its way into the brains of teens.”


Riverside County cracks down on outdoor grows // Press Enterprise    Hundreds of backyard gardens have sprouted in rural parts of the county, despite a prohibition.

Yurok tribe welcomes federal intervention //  L.A. Times    Uncontrolled marijuana plantations have scared Humboldt County tribal members away from outdoor activities. [Intended for last week.]

Colorado pot purchases produce problems for police in Nebraska // NPR, “The Takeaway.”         Officer is not happy with marijuana spillover from Colorado, next door. He claims it’s a gateway drug, and it’s straining his department’s resources.


“I’m waitin’ for my man” // SF Gate "We're not a delivery service,” says the founder of this Bay Area delivery service. “We're the technology that automates connections between patients and dispensers.” And they promise to arrive when they say they will.  [See related item under “In Other News,” below.

Petition calls for end to drug testing at NYT // SFGate      Petition drive says if the New York Times endorses cannabis legalized, then it should stop drug tests on its employees.


The New York Times calls for national legalization of marijuana // NYT   The nation’s “paper of record” flatly states, “The federal government should repeal the ban on marijuana.”   The editorial comes ahead of this week’s six-part series; titles include “Let States Decide on Marijuana” and “The Injustice of Marijuana Arrests.”  (Find them under the link above.)

NYT editorial page editor explains the paper’s decision to advocate for cannabis legalization // NPR, “The Takeaway.”     He also addresses Maureen Dowd’s widely distributed column describing her bad trip on edibles.

Business Daily decides to call a spade a spade // Marijuana Business Daily      Forget “cannabis,” just call it marijuana.  [This blog isn’t considering a name change, but has started using terms other than cannabis. – Ed.]


Citizen Lobby Day in Sacramento next Monday // ASA    Meet with state lawmakers and activists at this annual rally to discuss pending cannabis legislation.

Get high, get active! // SFGate.com       Not all pot smokers suffer from couch-lock, and the 420 Games are out to prove it.  [But why will post-game events feature free beer? – Ed.]


Drone fails to deliver marijuana to prison // ABC News      Cell phones, tobacco products, real and synthetic cannabis found at crash site.