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Cannabis News Roundup: 07.25.14

M.W. Benutzer

Senators propose bypass for medical marijuana states… Changes in federal drug sentencing proposed… San Jose’s zoning ordinance stands… Brownies OK; lollipops not… WHO backs decriminalization of personal use… and more.


Senators propose amendment to allow states to bypass Controlled Substances Act // Huff Post     "What we're trying to do is look at the law and allow states that have changed their laws and have allowed medical marijuana to do so,” says Senator Rand Paul’s spokesman.


Federal mandatory drug sentences updated// Huff Post          The Smarter Sentencing Act includes the biggest changes in decades, such as allowing judges to use discretion. It has passed the US Senate Judiciary Committee with rare bi-partisan support.


Most San Jose dispensaries likely to close // MJ Business Daily        Attempt at ballot initiative to overturn restrictive zoning fails.

Brownies OK, but not hard candies // Toke of the Town    Washington State issues rules on edibles.


Lack of access to cannabis extract blamed in deaths // Huff Post "Several more children are likely to die waiting for New York to implement its medical marijuana program."

Hospital would like to add cannabis dispensary // Sun Times     “What can be more secure than what we are doing right now?” pharmacist says. “We are already dispensing opioids and all kinds of narcotics.” But there’s that pesky federal law to consider.

World Health Organization quietly supports OK for personal drug use // Huff Post    The WHO recommendations apply only to decriminalization of personal use, not cultivation, etc.

Herbal association issues cannabis recommendations // American Herbal Products Assn.   “Best practices” rules issued for manufacturing, labeling and holding operations.

Pot may be safer than alcohol, but it can still be addictive // SF Weekly     “A real, sober conversation about it has gotten lost in the reefer madness that's consuming marijuana legalization supporters, as well as prohibitionists.”


Oaksterdam exec among speakers at Saturday conference // The State of Marijuana     Legalization, medical, environmental and cultural impact of the plant to be discussed at one-day event in Los Angeles.


Americans love prison // HBO-Last Week Tonight”     Don’t believe it? Just look at our entertainment, and the number of people behind bars. Half of those in federal prison are there on drug charges; about a quarter of state prisoners behind bars are there because of drugs.