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Cannabis News Roundup: 05.23.14

Sativa leaf

Minnesota set to become 22nd medical marijuana state… Hash brownies could result in life sentence… Growers blocked from using “Federal water”…   FBI set to hire pot-smoking hackers… Synthetic drugs worry UN… More on “vape pens”… 


And then there were 22: Minnesota set to legalize medical marijuana // Cannabis Culture         Bill passed the House 89 – 40, with bipartisan support, after clearing the Senate 46 – 16; Governor ready to sign it into law.


Possible sentence of five years to life for hash brownies called "damn wrong"/KEYE-TV    The severe charge applies because hash oil was used, not regular cannabis. 


"Federal water" cannot be used to grow cannabis // The News Tribune    Crop is legal in Washington state, but still a felony in Washington, DC. 

FBI looks to pot smokers in attempt to hire savvy computer hackers //  East Bay Express       “I have to hire a great work force to compete with cyber criminals,” director says, “and some of those kids want to smoke weed on the way to the interview.”

Cannabis strains need standardization // New York Times    Buy some Sour Diesel at one shop, then try some elsewhere and you’re likely to get two different results. This shouldn’t be happening. (And while you’re at it, drop the dopey names. – Ed.)

“Vape pens” continue to gain popularity // npr.org    There’s less stigma involved than with a joint or a pipe – or a bong. 

Q&A with “Vape pen” exec // MJ Business Daily     He says popularity of the pens is due to the ease of distribution, and more precision in dosage.


Illinois on track as next state to approve CBD treatment for childhood epilepsy // Pantagraph.com     "In the area of epilepsy, children don't use this product to get high," the bill’s sponsor explains. "They use marijuana oil, which has hardly any THC at all."

Columnist’s statements clarified // sfgate.com    Jon Carroll, San Francisco Chronicle columnist, recently expressed concerns about the lack of health checks on dispensary products. NORML sent him some clarifications: item begins with seventh paragraph.

Growth of unregulated synthetic drugs worries UN agency // bbc.com    Hundreds of new psychoactive substances are widely sold online, including those approximating the effects of cannabis. 


“Classically Cannabis” series in Denver becomes invitation only // Denver Post    Symphony avoids legal challenge by making event open only to “a closed list of VIP guests.” Alcohol will be sold, and an outdoor space will be available for smokers.

Colorado university offers state-accredited cannabis classes // Fox News    Most of the interview is devoted to a religious leader who calls it a waste of time. (And for some unexplained reason, he sits before a backdrop of San Francisco’s Bay Bridge, and the Embarcadero.)