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Local filmmaker honored at Ocean Film Festival

Each year, the Ocean Film Festival honors a local filmmaker with the Golden Gate award. Filmmaker Adam Warmington won the award this year for his film, "The Sunnydale Kids." In the film, Warmington takes a group of kids from an at risk neighborhood in San Francisco surfing for the day.

ADAM WARMINGTON: This is one of the only times when you're playing with an element of nature that moving. You're intersecting with it, every wave is different and that moment in time is never going to be replicated. I think that's why people get hooked on surfing. To give kids in general that feeling is great, but especially kids that don't have potentially as much access to be able to do, it is massively rewarding.


Click the audio player above to listen to the complete interview.

Link to The Sunnydale Kids:http://vimeo.com/70013062